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Chalk it up to ASD

The murals are fading, victims of foot traffic, wind and dew. A rain shower will obliterate them.

They were painted along Bridge Street in Ashtabula Harbor the morning of Aug. 27. The artists were students from the After School Discovery program, which offered the art experience to youngsters heading into second grade.

For six weeks this summer, the youngsters participated in art-infused education and activities that helped them learn about gardening, local heritage, nature and other topics. Organized into teams of four to six students, the youngsters also planned their mural project for Bridge Street.Chalk Art After School Discovery Ashtabula Bridge Street (4 of 28)

Each mural had a theme, which was expressed in both words and art. Team Snap Dragon, led by Krisia Keenan, administrator of the ASD program’s Discovery Cove, says the students planted a garden, grew lettuce, harvested and ate it as part of their summer discovery experience. Kyle Brown, one of the students on that team, was in charge of drawing and filling in the carrots in their mural that reflected their growing experiences during the summer.

Chalk Art After School Discovery Ashtabula Bridge Street (25 of 28)While students created some two dozen murals on the sidewalks, adults from Bridge Street Art Works outlined a larger chalk mural on a building at the corner of Bridge and Morton Drive. By 11 a.m. the mural was ready to receive its colors, and youth and adult artists alike went to work on the mural, which recognized the projects’ sponsors and the Lift Bridge Community Association.

View a slide show of the morning’s events:

  • August 27, 2016, Bridge Street, Ashtabula, Ohio.
  • After School Discovery students are ready to show the community what they learned during the summer. A display of their work is set up in the reception area.
  • After School Discovery students get their mural project under way at 10 a.m.
  • They are organized into teams that will create a mural that reflects their learning experiences through ASD during the summer.
  • The Dragon Games are into it!
  • This is hands on work.
  • Stories take form.
  • Puzzle pieces come together.
  • Flowers grow on the sidewalk.
  • They are into it!
  • Meanwhile, on a Bridge Street building, a large mural is taking form.
  • The Lift Bridge Community Association and Bridge Street Art Works are in charge of this project. James Jones applies outlines of the aquatic creatures that will swim on the wall. Angietta DiPierro, artist, supervises.
  • Students gather to fill in the forms with chalk.
  • Jennifer Brown of Geneva adds color to the wall.
  • Chalk it up!
  • Even the artists' hands are works of art.
  • Everybody is an artist.
  • Back on the sidewalk, an adult team leader adds finishing touches.
  • Behind her, Margarita and her mom create some impromptu sidewalk art.
  • This team planted a garden.
  • Bridge Street shoppers pause to watch ...
  • as students complete their works...
  • add details...
  • show off their creations...
  • and hope their work wins.
  • Photographed by Carl E. Feather for the Ashtabula Wave.


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