Great Happening:

Stuck between a rock and public place

A Northeast Ohio Rock may cross your path

A Northeast Ohio Rocks rock, found on a bench in Jefferson.

You spot a park bench in the shade, wander over and take a seat, only to discover a rock left behind there.

It’s not just a rock, however. It is a Northeast Ohio Rock. A painted rock, often with a message, and, on the back, a sticker directing you to a web site. Register the rock, share where you found it. Move it to a new location, if you like.

The rocks, found from the lakeshore to Andover, are part of the Northeast Ohio Rocks phenomenon.

“The idea is to decorate rocks or other found items in nature and hide them in various locations to brighten someone’s day,” states the project’s Facebook page. “You can use paint, chalk, crayons or sharpies. Be sure to coat your rock with a sealant. Try outdoor Modge Podge.”

The Facebook page is where finders can post a cell phone picture of the rock they found.

Want to share the warm, fuzzy feeling of placing a rock in the path of a fellow traveler? Just do it, but please, don’t use insulting pictures or language on the rocks you create. “Keep it rated ‘G’ for everyone,” advises the Facebook page, which is hosted by D and L Collectibles of Cuyahoga Falls.


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